Thursday, June 21, 2012

Le Petit Saigon at 鼓楼

Vietnamese food is one of the top in my list as healthiest food in the world. Perhaps its the simplicity of its ingredients and arrangements and the aroma that wafts into the air that gives me the vibe that I'm eating something freshly plucked from the ground, washed, the arranged in the kitchen. 

My very good friend 绫子 and I had one of our last meals in Le Petit Saigon in the 鼓楼 Bell Tower area of Beijing, before she returns to her premier job in the Japanese Trade Bureau. 绫子 is the epitome of health and beauty, so we both had ourselves some of Vietnam's delicious Pho (mine with beef, hers all veggie - she is, between us, is the epitome of health and beauty.)

I appreciated how the restaurant put in old alcohol label and bottles, and filled the room with pictures of rural Vietnam. The walls were lime green but the interiors were all designed with wood, and with perfect lighting, made us feel warm all through out. Menu in French and Chinese - a good way to practice my Chinese, and yearn for my once dream of learning French.

Beef Pho for RMB 38. I don't know how I manage, but I always order Pho when I am in a Vietnamese restaurant. I can never get sick of it.

 Lingzi's vegetarian Pho for RMB 35. I would have loved this, too!

Add all you can mint, lemon and veggies! I've taken a huge liking to mint leaves (largely thanks to mojitos) and try to mix them with dishes wherever it fits.

Le Petit Saigon
141 Jiugulou Dajie, Dongcheng District

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  1. Reading through your awesome blog and your pictures look amazing. I love Vietnamese food also. There's a Vietnamese neighborhood near my condo in Chicago and they have the most awesome food.