Thursday, June 20, 2013

Muffin Frittatas

Thanks to Su, I have another easy go to healthy meal: frittatas! It's so easy and healthy I was done in 30 minutes. Su advised on her blog that I go crazy, so I did!

Healthy Frittatas, adapted from Makan Musings

Ingredients for my 6-muffin tray:
3 eggs
3 string beans
2 tomatoes
2 shrimp
Baby arragula
Mozarella cheese (optional)

Oregano shavings
Paprika powder
Ginger powder
Cummin powder

Super easy instructions:
1. De-shell the shrimp and cut the flesh into 6 equal medium pieces, then season with ginger and cumin powder. Cut string beans, tomatoes (take out seeds) and baby aragula into small pieces.
2. Whip the three eggs, mix the veggies in and season mixture with oregano and paprika.
3. Brush the muffin holders with olive oil (or butter). Put mozarella cuts at the bottom of each cup then divide the entire mixture into the 6 muffin holders then place shrimp meat in each of them.
4. Bake it in 200 degrees celsius for 10 minutes.

Eat and be merry.

I always looked at eating string beans as such a chore unless it went with really good sauce, but this recipe had me looking for more string beans in my muffin portion. When you do your rendition, go crazy, especially with the veggies. I'm so happy I found this.

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