Thursday, June 27, 2013

#ThrowbackThursdays: Kashgar food snaps

I believe that travel is the most enriching experience, so aside from food, that is where my money goes. Close to a year ago, I did a three-week solo backpacking trip in West China (where they do not speak a lot of English). It remains one of my proudest accomplishments. 

Below are some food photos of my trip to Kashgar city. Kashgar is made up of 70% Uyghurs Muslims, who look like a blend of Chinese and Eastern Europeans. Uyghurs are physically and culturally different from the Han Chinese, and Kashgar's architecture and design was unlike the Mainland's (instead of Confucian temples there were Islamic tombs). I felt like I was in another country.

All through out the trip I inserted myself in all sorts of places. I had a plan and a map but my experiences were dictated by where I was going to get lost that day. I got lost a lot... On a particular afternoon I found myself in front of a noodle lady who at first thought I was Pakistani so she spoke to me in Urdu.

Entire carts of bread were sold everywhere. The proper was to eat bread it to tear off only what you can chew then keep the rest until your next bite. 

Once, a friend mentioned that a high end hotel in Manila brought in a Middle Eastern open oven type of bread maker made of brass. I smiled and remembered what the real thing looks like.

Walking lamb to be traded off is a common sight. My guide said one lamb costs around RMB 3,000.

How can I eat lamb kebabs when I see these kinds of faces all the time? I went vegetarian for two days.

 What is this madness and why did I taste this so late in life?? 
The mascarpone ice cream was sold everywhere.

My favorite photo is of this three year-old Kashgar boy who I found playing with his grandfather's iPhone. His grandfather was manning a store in the old town right beside the temple. They sold (magic!) carpets, (genies in) lamps, flying daggers, and other Arabian Nights type of trinkets.

I travel to remind myself that I am not complete. //FR

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