Monday, July 22, 2013

Commitment is an effort

This is not a dedicated food post but an update of what I've been up to the past twenty days of this month. Living healthy has been a #fail... First up, I went on a family trip to Singapore, where all hell broke loose because I ate everything I have missed the past three years. One concrete thing that came out of it was I joined the Katong Food Trail and met amazing people. =) 

Playing Where's Faithy on the Katong Food Trail

Lunching at Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza in MBS. It was ok... Gonna try Wolfgang's Cut next time.

Ultimate proof of my mother's love: on our last night in SG, after I finished all my free time seeing my friends, she cut her shopping time short, traveled across the country so I can enjoy the famous black pepper crab of Jumbo.

Katong Foodies scored a date with a celebrity!

I arrived in Manila and went straight to work (hi, please buy us) which consumed every waking moment of my second week of July. I didn't get to eat as well as I would have wanted, since I only ate when there was time and whatever was available. 

The third week was spent in a business trip in Hong Kong which meant our meal times were a function of when we were not on our way to meet someone. It was tough in a sense I would have wanted to eat healthier but there were many yummy food on walking distance, and the afternoon tea and macaroons culture is strong there!

Finally a taste. Ok lah. I'm not a ramen girl but it was a good quick meal.

Had to drink a cup of rich and flavourful 70% hot dark chocolate "for work."

Afternoon tea and more in The Parlour at 1881 Heritage

Ending our trip with tapas in Hotel LKF

I entered July full of hope and vigor and although I had a major backtrack, but I'm ready to get back on the high horse, along with the promise to moisturize regularly, hydrate often, and sleep more.

xx FR

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