Monday, July 08, 2013

Wrong Ramen - feels so right that it can't be wrong

When I first floated around twitter the idea that we were going to eat in Wrong Ramen, a few of my friends advised that we go elsewhere. I was going to dine with one of my ramen snob friends (who was not happy with Yushoken quality... I wasn't either... good luck to us going against the grain) and another who spends her free time ramen house hopping in Washington D.C. After much deliberation, and mainly due to location (we were coming from the wonderful world of Manos), we decided, to quote, "experience the disappointment first hand." 

Maybe it's because we dispelled our expectations or there was just a lot of pork fat in the soup, but the ramen was quite good. We all went out of Wrong Ramen happy with our decision.

 I went for my #FoodFavorite, Dandan Mian (spelled on the menu as Tantanmen). It was so creamy and flavorful I didn't even want to think about what sort of fat and calories were in there. Cheat day!

I think what pushed me to go for it was this unapologetic feature of the owner describing the concept of their restaurant. It stroked the entrepreneurial fire in me in the sense that they went carpe diem and wholly invested in their idea. Instead of going for something that people do better and try to catch up, they celebrated what they are not. Ok, granted that it's not as airy-fairy as I portray, because in a normal business process it took months of product testing to fit the Filipinos' love for pork fat, but still.

I'm that girl experimenting with Picasa because I still don't know how to do Photoshop.

I also appreciate how they were honest with not being able to please everyone, and in fact it's a better route for them -- because businesses thrive by gunning for a niche market. By creating a smaller neurotic group of people who keep harping about your product, you get a lot of free and better quality marketing. Google Wrong Ramen and one too many features pop up.

We also had the FU Ramen (came with spam and eggs, put it in at your own risk) but it wasn't my.. bowl of ramen. I rarely eat bacon, and I haven't eaten spam in more than a decade and I was not going to start then. My ramen snob friends liked it, though. We played it safe with our other order of Charsiu Rolls.

What I loved best was how they paid attention to my comment on their operations, which I discussed in private with the person managing their twitter account. As a manager of a small business (Hi, please buy us), we pay special attention to any comment that our clients or any other wanderers have. So kudos to them for making me feel loved. 

In essence, more than raving about their food (ultimately, as someone trying to eat healthy, I am not their market), what I really love is their business model.

/This is turning out more like a business analysis and not a food post. I'm gonna stop now./

Wrong Ramen
Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
+632 823 8249

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