Friday, May 22, 2009

Back track: Christmas 2008

Dug up some pictures from Christmas break. Great food, tons of laughter, great family and friends.

The first people I saw when I touched down.
CPK is a sure ball. There's not much thought put to pizza and pasta.

David on the v. cool glasses.
Ynez is physically settled SOMEWHERE.
(Her mind is elsewhere, but we're working on that)

Picnic feast of MMs and nuts in Bel field.

From one of my favorite restaurants, Cyma.
This is something... with feta cheese.
It doesn't really matter what. Haha.

Fondue never fails.

Mandatory purchase: Serendra's carrot and chocolate cupcake.

We got evil stares for sneaking it in Cav.

Siopitoh christmas dinner with real siopitohs.

It's comforting sitting there and watch them make noise.

The winner tiramisu and choco mallow cake.

Tsaaaaang =)

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