Monday, May 11, 2009

Love-hate relationship with Sundays

I hosted lunch for the Friday Club -/++ last Mother's Day. We had Baked Mussels, Adobong Pusit and Mechado on the menu.

Baked mussels is one of my favorites so I was excited for this one.

This was supposed to be Adobo but the ink got squished,
so I just dismissed the Adobo idea and played with the sauce.

I love how Mechado involves so much color.

I overbaked the mussels and it turned out crispy.
Thanks to Wen and Charles for the support anyhow.

This went well. We liked this one best.

I never handle beef. It became difficult to chew =\

Chillax Sundays in preparation for Manic Mondays.


  1. oh wow! can you cook for me when you get back home?

  2. of course! Tanya is still the master cook tho =P