Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm done with Coffee Club

This is long over due but we had dinner in Coffee Club which possibly marked the last time I'm eating there. I think all the "celebrations" the past year that required us to have a "special lunch" brought us to Coffee Club, so much so that I think that I've tasted everything on their menu. Coffee Club was where I had quiet chillax dinners during Sunday evenings to prepare me for the Monday rush, just cause that was the nearest quiet place, but I suppose I've moved on from those days.

Below are the food that greeted us in the finish line. This was also the last night that we had with Yaling as inhabitants from the Tail End (/inside joke).

Asparagus soup (essentially) normally at SGD 5

Breaded salmon

Salmon pasta

So long, farewell!

Coffee Club
1 Maritime Square
#01-65/66 Harbourfront Centre
Tel: 65 6271 1885

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