Monday, October 05, 2009

La Fondue in Dempsey Hill

I finally fulfilled Dempsey dreams with Anton during our dinner in La Fondue.

Fondue is a Swiss communal dish that received its first citation in Homer's Illiad. The industrialization of Switzerland in the 18th century encouraged wine and cheese producers to encourage eating fondue. The 1950s brought a slowdown in the cheese industry, so manufacturers widely promoted Fondue to drive up sales. American tourists brought it home from Switzerland around that period as well. (Source)

We indulged in (what Anton computed as best value for money) Fusion Set, the 3 Course Meal at SGD 50 per person.

first came the Caesar Salad ( other choice was soup)

The cheese fondue had a choice of either Swiss Cheese or Cheddar Beer. We chose the Swiss Cheese which was strong on the wine. This was where we dipped our plate of bread and vegetables

For the main dish, our meat choices were thyme and garlic chicken, sesame chicken, thai fish and tandoori fish, mexican chicken, honey mustard chicken, garlic and chili fish. The picture above was the Tandoori fish and Thai fish.

These ones were thyme and garlic chicken and sesame chicken

The meat may be cooked in broth, deep fried (aka bourguignonne) or grilled. We chose the broth style and it came in either veggie broth, meat broth, or lobster. Our adventure choice was the lobster broth! I imagined them placing in lobster claws for an added crustacean feel.

For an additional SGD 25, we had the dark chocolate fondue from the ala carte menu. We had the cookies and cream flavor - a good choice in combining dark and milk chocolate.

In our defense, Dark Chocolate is a great choice because it has 8 times the amount of antioxidants than strawberries! The flavonoids in dark chocs help relax blood pressure by producing nitric oxide. (Although that arguments falls flat with the presence of milk chocolate bits, because milk prevents the body from processing antioxidants. We've learned the lesson! (Source)

the remains of the warzone

We were stuffed by the middle of the chocolate fondue. Admittedly, the restaurant ambiance could be better (it was too dark), the food was average (altho the chocolate fondue was a winner) but it was worth a try! I would go back for the Brie based fondue before I completely ruled this out.

La Fondue
Block 25 Dempsey Road
#01-04 Tanglin Village (Dempsey Hill Green)
Tel: 65 6474 0204

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