Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PS Cafe, Palais Renaissance

Bernice and I met up for brunch in PS Cafe. I've been looking forward to eating here since Su mailed me their dessert pictures a several months back.

I love little details.

PS big bacon and eggs for SGD 20 - 2 poached eggs served with herbed toast, crisped bacon, chargrilled chorizo, oven dried tomato and rocket pesto roasted mushrooms.

Brunch burger - Chargrilled wagyu and Us chuck pattie topped with fried egg, crisped bacon, onion ring and melted cheesy provolone on a toasted sesame sap served with pickle and tomato on the side and PS steak fries for SGD 26

Scroll down this entry to read of some inside info on how Wagyu is made/

We ate for 2 hours and still did not finish the food. But still I pushed through with the dessert because I agreed to PS because of it. I've been eyeing the double chocolate cake but it was just too HUGE. But great anyhow. For SGD 14.

Luscious Chocolate Cake for SGD 15

PS Cafe
390 Orchard Road
#02-09A Palais Renaissance
Tel: 65 6887 2207

Wagyu trivia:
While Wagyu is famous from Kobe, Japan, a lot of the cows are born and raised in the US or Australia. The Wagyu beef's sperm is exported to the US, injected into an Angus cow egg cell, IVFed to a surrogate Mother beef, born and grown in US grounds, and treated like royalty (beer diet, daily massage and spa) to ensure high concentrations of marbling.

At least in the Philippines, this is the case. This is primarily driven by the cheaper import option from the US.

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