Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Al Muthana, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

A three course meal in the world’s only 7 star hotel. We have anticipated this moment since my colleague Wen Wei floated the idea a few days before we were scheduled to fly to Dubai. The prospect of dining in Burj Al Arab captivated my thoughts.

We were to have a 3 course meal at Dhs 395. The experience began when the entrance of Burj Al Arab that led to an atrium 30 storeys high. We boarded the lift and it took us 27 storeys high in 7 seconds. We faced the Persian Gulf, faced nothingness, yet it was everything because we faced Mecca.

We dined in Al Muthana, the cantilevered restaurant near the top of Burj Al Arab. The position of the restaurant makes the entire complex look like a crucifix, much to the dismay of the Muslims. Today, planes are not allowed to fly from the Persian Gulf into the city: to avoid seeing the alleged Christian influence that is the landmark of the famous Muslim city.

hello, Mecca. Oh, the irony.

Atlantis. I love how it looks a coral-like underwater kingdom (above water)

soak up the sun

it still is a dessert, after all

The service was impeccable. There was a butler that watched over us like a hawk for anything that we needed from our table. To our dismay, we were originally given a seat by the bar, but our persistence on inquiring for a window seat yielded one right before our main dish was served.

this area is transformed into skyview bar at night.

lady who played beautiful piano songs

Piano lady's shoes. Kudos. Seriously.

Afternoon tea in skyview bar, from the other side

unsalted and salted

bread basket

pizza looking bread

Each dish was designed like an artwork. A dash berry jam here, a dollop of cream sauce there. The prawn was cushioned by the salad greens, and the pomegranate peeked intermittently from the greens. The plating was an art in itself.

Roasted pumpkin soup, cured duck breast, pear and chestnuts

Pan seared tiger prawns, amoked aubergine and pomegrante

Pan seared barramundi, creamed salsify and wild mushrooms

the fish is so juicy - hope you can taste it with your eyes!

Roasted Chicken breast, braised lentils, morel sauce

hello Dhs 30 artichoke side dish

Chocolate and Cherry Safari, kirsch ice cream

top view of the chocolate and cherry safari

Gazpacho of forest berries, yoghurt sorbet

Even the ladies' room looked decadent. Glass tables, subdued lighting, and Hermes perfume for the taking.

The ladies' room oozed of affluence

right outside the ladies room

Wen Wei explored further into the restaurant and found the world's most expensive cocktail. I don't care much about drinking, but having most as its qualifier elicited a a whiff of awe from me.

proof of life!

It was such a beautiful dining experience. Definitely something to share for with your loved ones, but it will be much better if someone else will foot the bill.

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  1. Faith, when did this happen? Is this like recently lang? Inggit! :D