Friday, December 18, 2009

Beef braised in beer

Home for Christmas! As per tradition, I was given a wad of cash for Christmas so I hit the nearest grocery story and bought some ingredients. My first experiment for the season is Beef braised in beer.

1. beef
2. beer
3. honey (my own addition)
4. onions, pepper
5. 3 hours in the oven

My mom had it for dinner and her feedback was that altho it was really soft and yummy, it easily made her feel drunk. Hahaha! Anyway, success!


  1. How was the flavor of the beef? Didn't it end up bland? That's my worry every time I think of cooking with beer. Only our family's kaldareta has been the only beer-infused dish that turned out successful. haha

  2. It was ok, of course it had traces of beer. But I liked how this turned out cause it's really soft =)