Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Banapple, Katipunan Avenue

I had been a Banapple fan since my uni days, but the lack of parking was a huge barrier to my all out support for the cafe. But I supposed it was this parking barrier and the sorely lacking restaurant seats that maintained the charm of their establishment.

the FAMOUS banoffee pie for Php 85

Honey-lovin crunch cake for Php 95

Strawberry crunch cheesecake for Php 85

Banapple Kitchen
206 Katipunan Avenue,
Quezon City , Philippines
Tel: 632 438 2675


  1. As far as I remember, the pasta and some entrees are also quite good. I hope the same can be said of their salads, though. :(

  2. oh wow.. super yummy cakes nila. i tried those 3 na you posted na and my faves-- banoffee pie & honeylovin crunch cake. super like ko rin myster-reese's wicked pie.