Friday, August 27, 2010

Cafe Ysabel in San Juan, Greenhills

I've been thinking of about dining in Cafe Ysabel ever since I got the whiff of news that Anthony Bourdain dined there for an episode of No Reservtions. The cafe gets featured in the newspapers, mostly for its evolving menu (every year they replace 50% of the menu items) with pictures of its beautifully styled food and fancy plating. Later, I found out that the cafe is on a 1927 ancestral home and furnished with period pieces. I am a sucker for period design so I finally bit into the sales pitch.

Most of the diners were older (my cousin and I observed that we were the youngest persons in the entire cafe), the food took a while to arrive to our table, and they could have done with brighter lights. Still, Cafe Ysabel did not disappoint. Below are some photos that we took

Grilled white cheese on grape olive and anchovy salad in crisp parmesan frico for Php 278

Halibut Amandine - crusted with finely slvered almonds and leek sauce for Php 448

Prawns Thermidor - stuffed with young mushrooms, vegetables, cheese and baked to perfection for Php 518

Chocolate Souffle

Cafe Ysabel
455 P. Guevarra Street
San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel: 632 725 5089

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