Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Kebab Factory along Burgos Circle

I have been craving - madly craving - for a glass light margarita for a while now. I had a giant disaster in RestoPino, and was not able to enjoy Iguana's tastier version. So the afternoon of the Burgos Circle food hopping, the next stop was whichever place served light alcohol.

We found it in Kebab Factory. Thank you! (Note - business opportunity awaits for entrepreneurs entering Fort area and who will be willing to serve cocktails on brunch/afternoons. Fort is poised to become a high density location and structured to become a self sustaining community. You can sustain the drinks bit!)

Finally, my margarita, on a special order from the bar. On a slender, contoured glass, with fine salt grazing its rim. A cool drink, a light buzz, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. For Php 150

Baklava - Middle Eastern filo pastry dessert with nuts dipped in honey for Php 150

Mango Kulti - pureed mangoes and a hint of cardamon flavour for Php 150. Frozen treat on a nice afternoon!

Chicken Masti Kebab - tender pieces of chicken marinated and roasted in a Tandoor over for Php 130

My brother and I ate here the last time I flew in Manila. Mid-range Mediterranean restaurant, nothing spectacular, except that Mediterranean food is great in itself. I still prefer Mister Kebab.

The Kebab Factory
Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig, Philippines

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