Sunday, February 10, 2013

Metabolic Pumps (3 of 4)

My mom is a health nut, which was ok with me growing up since if we wanted junk food we can just drive out of the house. But now I thank her for making my transition to a healthy life much easier because turns out we've been eating healthy stuff all our lives (we still argue about my sweet intake all the time, though).

Here's a some of the food lying around in our house all the time, and incorporated in our food preparation. This article is meant to get you started in increasing your metabolic rate. The list  is a product of random readings and our lifestyle.

Third of four posts.

10. Violet Wild Rice - thing with white rice is that it is already stripped of its nutrients, which makes it a refined carb. That's why it's the first thing that people take out when on a diet. Violet wild rice (or the more commercially available brown rice), however, is full of fiber. I'm a rice person, but I still manage to maintain my weight even after eating 3 (and a half) cups of violet rice.

11. Celery - Made of 95% water and undigestible cellulose. Yummy in, easy out.

12. Broccoli - My favorite! I read somewhere that this is the healthiest veggie. Something about protein, calcium, vitamin C, but for me it's just easy to eat with everything (and nothing).

13. Beans beans the magical fruit - full of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which help lower insulin levels after digestion, causing your body to store less fat. Have it with chicken con carne.

14. Garlic - Sure, slicing garlic (go for smaller garlics - more potent taste) leaves that stench on your fingers, but adding garlic to everything (or most things that we eat anyway) helps supports blood sugar metabolism. Add crushed fresh garlic with vinegar or always have it in the frying pan.

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