Saturday, February 16, 2013

Torres Family X National Bookstore Foundation Annual Outreach

Every year my maternal family's side holds an annual outreach activity for less fortunate. There was a time when we held a Christmas party in an elderly home (where I just kept on crying because I missed my grandparents), and another Christmas party for orphaned children, when we gathered, packed and gave away clothes and school materials for children of a municipality in a far away province, another year in a small school.

Christmas 2012's project is my favorite thus far. We teamed up with National Bookstore Foundation to help paint the library of the school across my grandparents' house. Education is a very important advocacy for our  family because my grandparents were provincial public school teachers who rose up the ranks and raised their children by teaching children.

This post is about food for the soul. Eating healthy food keeps our body physically able, but engaging in healthy activities keep our spirits alive.
Aside from our family, we had volunteers from the National Bookstore Foundation Philippines help us out. Nobody in our family is patient enough to draw this kind of art I think.

The kids painted while the elders prepared unlimited food for kids+volunteers.
The girls made it their group project to have a ROY G BIV entrance.

Top:  ROY G BIV bookshelves!
Bottom: Thanks to the guys for finishing the girls' project....

Top: Pretty much the finished product! Sans some bookshelves behind me.
Bottom: Auti kid starts on a book...

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