Monday, January 17, 2011

Hung's Delicacies

Our next Michelin stop for dinner was Hung's Delicacies in North Point area, along Wharf Road. The eatery was quite small, around 2 6-seater tabes, 5 2-seater tables, but there was a short line of hungry customers waiting for a seat outside. Its walls were adorned with articles and write-ups in praise of the restaurant.

According to the brief history printed on our placemats, Ah-Hung started his career in gastronomy at 17 when trained with Yung Kee as their cook specializing in won-ton noodles. He's had experience has Hong Kong's Maxim Group placed him in Beijing "to uphold food quality at top level". Later on he worked as manager of Hong Kong International Airport's 10+ restaurants.

Over time, Ah Hung developed his own special ways in making Chinese marinade-braised dishes and roasted meats which have been famous amongst visitors and received the much deserved one-Michelin star rating.

Free soup! Has pork, pork floss, peanuts, chest nuts.

Chuan Lam's Mix Noodle in Sauce - Lard, Soya Sauce, Ginger, Spring Onion, Beijing Spring Onion, Chinese ham soup) for HKD 38

Marinated Goose Slices - half for HKD 120

Hung's Delicacies
84 Wharf Road
Hong Kong, China


  1. I want to taste it too. Can you share some? :p

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    Happy cooking! :9

  2. Haha it's all the way in Hong Kong!

    And sometimes eating food is not just in the recipe, but in the experience (of eating in a hole in the wall one-star Michelin restaurant or eating food at home prepared with FANTASTIC plating or what have you)

    Maybe you guys should also make videos on how to prepare the food, as in plating and everything. In a move to teach people to eat with all their senses =)