Thursday, January 27, 2011


Since the Inquirer's SIM came out with the Blog issue, the Philippine blogosphere went aflurry with posts and discussions about it. A blog that they featured is 30before30project and it inspired me to publish my own list online.

It was May 2008 and a 13-hour ride to Amsterdam. The Bucket List was on the entertainment menu and it made me realise that I had to set tangible goals for myself.

Cities/countries to live in
Paris (1 year)
New York

Countries to visit
Egypt - sand and pyramids
New York: watch Wicked and Lion King on Broadway
Ecuador: Galapagos islands
Ireland: country side
Mekong river, Vietnam
New Zealand: milk a cow
Laos: ride an elephant

Personal Goals
Attend an Eastern Orthodox mass
Base jump off an airplane
Be fluent in another language (Level 3 on Mandarin/Spanish): can speak Mandarin, not ultra fluent yet, otw!
=) Brownies
Bungee jump
Get a deep diving license
Go fishing
Go sailing
Go to a winery and step on grapes
Hang glide
Have a voice great enough to sing on stage and get a crowd to applaud you cause you are actually good (and they are not your friends)
Have drinks in a shady bar in Eastern Europe
Make a life-altering difference in someone's life
Ride the bus alone and you don't know where it is going (not in Mnl, Sg or KL): China
Run a business and make it grow (getting there - FR 6.2013)
Shed 20% of my 2008 weight
Swim with stingless jelly fish
Travel in a hot air balloon
Visit the remnants of the hanging gardens of Babylon

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